Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Video & Booking Info

Check out these clips of the quality performance you'll get when you hire Vinyl Rockit for your event. We are a 7 man outfit, 5 on stage and upon request, a sound engineer with full PA and a lighting technician with an amazing light show.

When you hire Vinyl Rockit, you are in for a dancing good time!

To book a show, call (313) 529-4466 or email booking@vinylrockit.com today.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Introducing Rachel May!

Vinyl Rockit would like to welcome Rachel May...

...an international touring/recording artist and 9-time Detroit Music Award winner. With several international tours and a variety of recording projects to her credit, Rachel is most known as the leader of the all-female rock trio Broadzilla, as a guitarist in Maxine Petrucci’s solo band, Novadriver (Smallstone Records), and as a member of Darren McCarty’s Grinder.

Rachel is also featured as a backup singer on recordings by former Fleetwood Mac member Jeremy Spencer. She’s been described as a “powerhouse” vocalist by NME Magazine and noted for her guitar playing as having, “heavy fret-shredding skills” by Guitar Magazine.

Beyond playing music, Rachel led the local music, nightlife and entertainment beat for the Detroit Free Press for nearly 20 years, covering all the exciting news with bars, nightclubs, restaurants and musicians in the local area. When she’s not on stage, you can find her outdoors hiking, kayaking or on the off-road trails.

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